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Raj Peter Bhakta is a successful entrepreneur, former contestant on the second season of the reality show The Apprentice. He won the Republican Party's endorsement for the United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania's 13th congressional district, but lost to incumbent Democrat Allyson Schwartz.


At 32, Raj has gained experience as a historian, businessman, TV personality, and politician. His upbringing, as a first generation American in an entrepreneurial Indian-Irish family, engendered a great love of country and interest in business, while his schooling cultivated a commitment to the study and application of the lessons of history.  Consistent with his historical interests, Raj wrote a 150-page thesis on the Austro-Hungarian Empire during WWI.


Armed with a B.S. in Economics and a B.A. in History from Boston College, Raj gained exposure to Wall Street by working for the boutique M&A firm, Violy & Co.  At the age of 24, Raj founded Automovia.com, which provided online technology solutions for the wholesale automobile industry. In conjunction with a Princeton University professor and J.D. Power and Associates, Automovia successfully developed technological solutions, which were sold to Daimler Chrysler.


Thereafter, Raj turned his energies to real estate, purchasing and redeveloping a hotel, retail and condominium complex in Vail, Colorado in 2003, increasing the property's value from $5.3 to $40 million in four years.


In 2004, Bhakta appeared on the second season of the business oriented reality television show, The Apprentice. Bhakta was remembered for his witty discourse and appreciation of the opposite sex, famously trying to take Anna Kournikova and Donald's Trump's assistant on dates.  Thereafter, he spoke to young voters at colleges and universities across the country encouraging engagement in the political process.  In this capacity, Raj appeared frequently on all major cable news networks to discuss his unique take on current events. 


As a result of his accomplishments, GOP leaders recruited Raj as a dynamic young candidate for United States Congress in a traditionally swing district. Raj ran a highly unconventional, innovative campaign, directing pointed criticism at the Republican establishment for having lost touch with their core values of small, clean government and a prudent foreign policy.  Campaigning against a well-financed incumbent, Raj was successful in gaining the media attention his incumbent opponent could afford to purchase.


Frustrated by the porous U.S.-Mexico border, for example, Raj highlighted the haplessness of current policy by processing along the Rio Grande atop an elephant heralded by a six-piece Mariachi band, unmolested by U.S. Border Security. This dramatic demonstration captured international attention.  Raj raised more money independently that any GOP candidate in the nation, and led the Republican ticket in his district. Though unable to unseat his well-financed incumbent opponent in an anti-GOP cycle, he still received over 74,000 votes of 180,000 cast.  Since the 2006 election, Raj has traveled widely in Asia. Consistent with his environmentalist leanings, he has been working on his organically certified farm in Vermont.


Raj's wide variety of experience has cemented his determination to express his deep concern for the state of affairs in America.  Partially as a consequence of his recent travels in Asia, Raj feels that the United States is losing its preeminence more quickly than most realize, requiring urgent economic and diplomatic reforms.  To that end, he is launching Go America Go! which will pursue a highly innovative strategy of suggesting solutions to the serious challenges facing the country. The non-profit's mission is to reinvigorate America's positive, can-do spirit through personal empowerment and responsibility. [More at Wikipedia]





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