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'They Must Be Stopped,' hit the NY Times Bestseller list after less than a week on Brigitte Gabriel's radio tour!

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After only one day on his tour, the blockbuster, 'Fleeced,' by Dick Morris hit at #1!

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The brilliant Presidential Historian, Doug Wead, has written a book that is timeless.

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'An Enormous Crime'

by Bill Hendon & Elizabeth Stewart debuted at #34 on the Hardcover, Nonfiction NY Times Bestseller List!







After only two days on his radio tour, Jamie Glazov's WND Books release, 'United in Hate' went to #336 in Books on Amazon!

After only 3 days on his radio tour, David Horowitz's 'One-Party Classroom' hit #122 on the Bestseller List!

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Joe Scarborough's book tour landed him on the NY Times bestseller list.

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After only two weeks on his tour, Dick Morris hit #1 on the NY Times bestseller list.

Watch Dick on TV. Produces Great Results with Radio Book Tours Records Banner Month: July 2008




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