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BIOGRAPHY is proud to welcome Bill Glynn, author of Left on Red (Wiley & Sons), who is a successful serial and parallel entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary voted one of the world's top 15 innovators by Information Week. He is a venture capitalist and advisor to an elite clientele of fortune 1000 companies and executive and leader in the entertainment, music, science and technology fields across the world. In plain English, he's a financial wizard! He's already taking the radio world by storm! Call Sandy for interviews with Bill today!


Bill is an influential entertainment industry insider and the founder of Collective IQ, the world's foremost Corporate Venture Capital platform. He has spent 20 years building and running a clandestine network of globally influential executives, deal makers and recognized personalities that lead industries from Hollywood and music to technology and molecular science. He has a successful investment track record and has helped close over $1 billion for the funds and businesses he has founded, helped build and advised. Bill advises leaders of London's Royal Institution World Science Assembly and the East West Institute where he is focused on harmonizing humanity and the weaponization of science.

Bill Glynn helped build Southeast Interactive Tech Funds and was an early investor in How Stuff Works; Arsenal Digital, Opensite, Instant Messaging (IM) and Chat; Tom Clancy Red Storm Entertainment, HAHT Commerce, Interactive Magic, Wave Systems, Accipiter; he is the founder of Collective IQ, Money Grows on Trees, Horticultural Asset Management, Pearl Street Capital and works as a corporate venture and development advisor for Molson Coors, Xcel Energy, Fujitsu, Capgemini, Global Exchange, Wrigley, Teradata, Western Union, First Data, SAS, Alticor, Amway, Legendary Pictures, Provident Music, Landis Entertainment, CCLI, The Strategic Venture Association, The Gulf Venture Association, CXO Network, The Briner Institute, East West Institute, The Royal Institution in London among others. Bill is also a frequent guest on TV and radio.


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