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BIOGRAPHY is honored to represent Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY). Rep. Maloney is the first woman ever to represent New York’s 14th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her district contains many of New York City's most historic and well-known neighborhoods, including most of the East Side of Manhattan and the Astoria and Long Island City communities in Western Queens.  Her book, Rumors of Our Progress Have Been Greatly Exaggerated: Why Women's Lives Aren't Getting Any Easier - and How We Can Make Real Progress for Ourselves and Our Daughters, written by a super delegate and a woman whose mother was born without the right to vote, is a testament to the struggles of the average woman in America. Call now for interviews with Carolyn on all the latest news on the presidential race.


Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney, a Democrat, is the first woman ever to represent New York’s 14th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her district contains many of New York City's most historic and well-known neighborhoods, including most of the East Side of Manhattan and the Astoria and Long Island City communities in Western Queens. After serving for ten years on the New York City Council, where she served as the first Chair of the Council’s Committee on Contracts, Maloney defeated a 14-year Republican incumbent in her first race for Congress in 1992. In an upset victory in which she was heavily outspent by her opponent, she became the first Democrat to unseat a Republican opponent in Manhattan in nearly two decades and the first woman ever to represent the East Side of Manhattan in Congress. Inspired by her successful challenge, Democrats have subsequently enjoyed a string of victories on Manhattan’s East Side, replacing Republicans in open races for State Senate, Assembly, and City Council seats. Thanks to the example set by Carolyn Maloney, today every legislator representing the East Side was elected as a Democrat.


Carolyn Maloney serves on the House Financial Services Committee, the Government Reform and Oversight Committee, and the Joint Economic Committee, and was recently named the Chair of the House Democratic Task Force on Homeland Security. On the Financial Services Committee, she is the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy, Technology, and Economic Growth, which has jurisdiction over the Federal Reserve, U.S. monetary policy, currency and coinage, financial services technology issues, and economic growth. Since being elected to Congress, Maloney has worked to modernize financial services laws and regulations while strongly advocating consumer protections that reflect the increasingly global economy.


A former Co-Chair of the Women's Caucus, Maloney is one of the leading advocates for issues important to women and families, with special emphasis on equal rights and opportunity for women, health care, foster care reform, and reproductive freedom. She is the leader sponsor in the House of the Equal Rights Amendment. Her bill to offer annual mammograms for women on Medicare was included in the FY98 budget agreement. Congresswoman Maloney is currently trying to pass legislation that will enable Americans who rely on private insurance to obtain the cancer screening tests they need for breast, prostate, cervical, and colorectal cancers. Maloney has authored legislation to restore funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which was zeroed out by Congress in 1998, and served on the U.S. Delegations to the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing and to the International Conference on Population and Development fifth-year review and appraisal at The Hague (Cairo + 5). She has also introduced “Kiddie Mac” legislation to make child care more available and affordable by guaranteeing loans for day care facility construction and improvements. A leading advocate for increased government funding for health care research, Maloney founded and co-chairs the bipartisan Congressional Working Group on Parkinson's Disease to increase awareness of the disease and to coordinate efforts to increase research funding.


A staunch supporter of key U.S. allies, Maloney wrote and secured passage of legislation cracking down on the Arab boycott of Israel. In 1998, she introduced and secured passage of legislation allowing thousands of World War II-era Nazi war crime records to be made available to the public for the first time. She also has championed the cause of justice in Ireland. The co-founder and co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on Hellenic Issues, Carolyn Maloney has been an outspoken advocate for peace on a re-united Cyprus and enhanced U.S.-Greek relations.


After graduating from Greensboro College, Maloney worked for several years as a teacher and an administrator for the New York City Board of Education. In 1977, she joined the staff of the New York State Legislature, holding senior positions in both the State Assembly and the State Senate. In 1982, Maloney ran for public office for the first time and, in an uphill race in an East Harlem-based district where few insiders thought she could win, defeated an incumbent to win a seat on the New York City Council. In her ten years on the Council, Maloney fought to eliminate waste and fraud in government. In 1986, she founded the Council's Committee on City Contracts and used her position as its first Chair to write a series of laws establishing a computerized system to monitor the $7 billion in municipal contracts awarded annually. She was also the principal author of the landmark New York City Campaign Finance Act, and wrote and introduced the first City legislation to recognize domestic partnerships, including lesbian and gay couples in committed relationships. During her tenure on the Council, Maloney also became a champion of issues important to women, families, and children. The first Council Member to give birth while in office, Maloney was also the first to offer a comprehensive package of legislation to make day care more available and affordable. Carolyn Maloney has never lost an election. In 2002 she was reelected with 77% of the vote.







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